Why InSource Insurance group



Insurance is a service industry, and our agency is very proud of our ability to consistently exceed client expectations.  From certificate issuance to claim administration, our friendly and professional staff handle all requests the moment they are received.  Unlike many of the large publicly traded international brokers, our agency is focused on the client and not the stockholders.  Our growth is achieved organically through performance.



We know the oil & gas industry and understand the coverage you need and the coverage your customers will require you to have.  The oil & gas insurance marketplace is very complex with numerous different carriers and thousands of different forms and endorsements.  It is our commitment to navigate through all of these forms and endorsements on behalf of our clients and simply but thoroughly explain each individual line of coverage.



It is our strong belief to provide our clients with several different options when choosing an insurance program.  This can mean different companies, different coverage forms, deductibles, retentions, etc.  Although traditional guaranteed cost programs are an option, they are not the only option.  Captives, self-insurance trusts, deductible, and retrospective rating programs may also be available depending on your business and risk tolerance.



We are able to obtain extremely competitive pricing for our clients due to our aggressiveness, market relationships, and our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and our clients.  There are many factors to consider when negotiating price with a particular insurance company.  Loss history, market conditions, capacity, and alternative markets to name a few.  In order to get the best possible coverage at the best possible price it is imperative to know and understand all of these factors and how they relate to each other.  By nature, insurance companies err on the side of caution.  It is our responsibility, as your agent and broker, to provide the insurance company the information necessary to get consideration otherwise.

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